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Before beginning any experiment, we must emphasize the importance of backing up everything on your computer. Make a list of all hardware and drivers and search online for known problems. Then, if you're sure you understand all the risks and liabilities, you're ready to proceed. Make sure you choose the correct destination the USB stick , or you'll end up installing it to the Mac you're working on. All this is done in the background and may take a while depending on the speed of the pen drive. Click OK to continue and the next screen will ask you to choose your motherboard model number.

The exact version is preferable, but a close variant will also do. Make sure you have an Internet connection as Kakewalk will need to download the necessary drivers from its repository. If your motherboard is not listed, you'll have to choose the closest match.

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Then carefully select your destination as the USB drive now renamed as Kakewalk. After completion, you can safely eject the USB stick and return the Macintosh to its owner, unscathed. Go to the BIOS where a few changes need to be made. Save and close the BIOS settings. Warning: The target hard drive will be reformatted and all data on it will be lost.

Getting Windows 7 and Mac OS X to Play Together

If possible, install Lion on a new, blank hard drive. STEP 7 After a long process during which you'll see lines of text characters scrolling continuously, you will land at the Lion installation screen. If you have not reached here, it's possible that a compatibility issue has been discovered. Note the error lines displayed on screen and search the Internet for a specific solution. You should find specific help on the various forums dedicated to OS X fans. STEP 8 Follow the steps shown on screen till you arrive at the screen which asks you to choose the destination disk to install the OS to.

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This will start the partition manager for Mac OS X. Apple made the changes due to licensing issues with the Samba Team. While the changes are extensive, the actual setup and use aren't too different from previous versions of the Mac OS. This guide to sharing your Mac files with a Windows 7 PC will take you through the process from beginning to end.

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Many Mac users work in a mixed environment of Macs and PCs. If you would like to be able to share files located on a Windows 7 PC with a Mac running OS X Lion , this step-by-step guide will help you get your Mac connected to as many Windows 7 systems as you have on your network. Once you've followed the directions in both guides, you'll be able to share files from your Mac to a Windows 7 PC, as well as from the PC to your Mac. If you used the guide above, then you should now be able to share files on your PC with your Mac.

But if you need to share files in the other direction, from your Mac to your PC, then read on. File sharing is all well and good, but why stop there? Apple Support. Retrieved October 29, December 9, Retrieved July 19, December 4, Retrieved August 23, January 19, Retrieved March 30, June 17, Retrieved October 3, December 21, Retrieved January 28, March 14, March 16, History Architecture Components Server Software.

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