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For those adding lots of Safari bookmarks on a regular basis, you could also try creating an Automator action that runs SafariSort on a regular schedule. Reader James emailed us after the publication of this article to recommend another way to sort your Safari bookmarks without the use of any third party apps.

How to Manage Bookmarks and Favorites in Safari on Mac: A Complete Guide

To start, create an empty folder on your desktop. Then, open the Safari Bookmarks Manager Option-Command-B , select all of your bookmarks being sure to deselect any folders if necessary and then drag and drop the bookmarks into your new folder. In most Finder configurations, simply dragging and dropping the bookmarks into the folder will sort them alphabetically.

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If you tend to collect and save a lot of bookmarks, you may want to consider adding subfolders to some of the folder categories. For example, you might have a top-level folder called Home that includes subfolders called Cooking, Decorating, Gardening, and Green Guides.

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Open the Safari sidebar Bookmarks menu, Show Bookmarks , then click the Favorites Bar or the Bookmarks Menu entry, depending on the location of the top-level folder. Click the target folder to select it, and then click the chevron to the left of the folder to display the folder's contents even if the folder is empty. If you don't do this, when you add a new folder, it will be added at the same level as the existing folder, rather than within the folder. From the Bookmarks menu, select Add Bookmarks Folder. A new subfolder will appear in the selected folder, with its name 'untitled folder' highlighted and ready for you to edit.

Type in a new name and press Return or Enter key.

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Simply drag the subfolder to the folder you wish to have the subfolder occupy. To add more subfolders to the same folder, click the folder again, and then select Add Bookmarks Folder from the Bookmarks menu. Repeat the process until you've added all of the desired subfolders, but try to resist the urge to get carried away. Once you add folders to the Favorites bar, you may change your mind about the order they're in; rearranging them is easy. There are two ways to move folders in the Favorites bar; directly in the Favorites bar itself, or in the Safari sidebar.

The first option is the easiest if you're rearranging top-level folders; the second option is the one to choose if you want to rearrange subfolders. Click the folder you want to move, and drag it to its target location in the Favorites bar. The other folders will move out of the way to accommodate it. You can also reorganize the folders in the Favorites bar from the Safari sidebar. To view the Safari sidebar, click the Bookmarks menu and select Show Bookmarks.

In the Safari sidebar, click the Favorites Bar entry to select it. To move a folder, click and hold the folder's icon , then drag it to the desired location.

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You can move a folder to a different position at the same level in the hierarchy or drag it into another folder. Open the Safari sidebar and click the Bookmarks Menu entry. From here, rearranging folders is exactly the same process as the second option, above. Step 2: Choose the Bookmarks tab at the top of the screen, then select the Edit Bookmarks option.

How to use Safari browser bookmarks (with Subtitles)

Step 3: Right-click on a bookmark that you want to delete, then choose the Delete option. Note that you can also delete a bookmark from the bookmarks bar in the browser by right-clicking the bookmark, then choosing the Delete option. Are you tired of Safari automatically unzipping files that you download? Find out how to change a setting in Safari so that it no longer opens files automatically , including unzipping downloaded zip files.

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