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I can't see the My Account page on

The Xbox. If you can't see the My Account page, you may have to upgrade your Internet browser or operating system. If you're using one of these browsers, make sure you're using the latest version.

Run Internet Explorer 7, 8, and 9 in Mac OS X the Easy & Free Way

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Xbox Xbox on Windows First, you have to purchase both VMware Fusion and a licensed copy of Windows for the sole purpose of using Internet Explorer. Second, virtual machines tend to be quite heavy on your processor, as they are running the whole operating system inside them. If Safari is not your first browser of choice and using Internet Explorer for Mac is at the very least quite complicated, you can download any other stable and widely used browser out there and make it the default one on your macOS.

Developed by Google, the browser is available on both desktop and mobile devices, and thus boasts a significant amount of plugins and web apps that are exclusive to it. Chrome has also been praised for its speed and tight integration with all other Google products. Firefox is another great everyday browser. Firefox is fast, secure, and boasts a supportive community around the world. All of this makes it a great alternative to Safari and Internet Explorer.

Brave is a newcomer to the browser arena that first appear only in Based on the open-source Chromium project as is Google Chrome , the browser quickly gained a loyal following due to its aggressive privacy controls and ad blocking. Turning Brave into your default browser might seem a bit experimental at this point, but it nevertheless presents a good option for anyone concerned with privacy.

Fingers crossed, but in the meantime you can choose one of the alternative browsers listed above.

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Overall, these are your three options of running Internet Explorer on Mac. You also need to find apps to cover all kinds of issues related to optimization, organization, security, and productivity. As soon as you switch from PC to Mac, you realize that sadly not all apps you loved and used daily are available on macOS. So naturally you need to find suitable replacements. The good news is Mac has an abundance of great apps for everything you need.

Mac OS X Snow Leopard: Searching the Internet with Safari

But how do you choose and decide which ones are worth your time? Setapp is a collection of more than essential apps and utilities for Mac that cover all possible use cases and scenarios. All apps in the collection are automatically updated to their latest versions and new apps are added regularly.

I have downloaded IE just to make sure that it is useless.

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It did not work on my Mac. It is not compatible with Intel based machine so it can be used on old Macs only.

How To Use Internet Explorer For Mac

Cons: not compatible with new Macs More. I am a mac user with a genuine need for internet explorer I'm from the UK This means I have to use someone elses PC to do my online banking. This is not a nostalgic value Pros: speed. Cons: nothing More. What do you think about Internet Explorer? Do you recommend it?

Dreaming of an ad-free web?

Old and New Version of Internet Explorer for Mac Download - for Mac

Browse with Brave. Learn more. View full description.

PROS Nostalgic. Softonic review Internet Explorer for Mac was Microsoft's free web browser designed to run on Mac computers. No longer an option for Mac There are absolutely no compelling reasons to use Internet Explorer for Mac. Brave Fast and secure internet browser for personal computers and mobile devices.

Google Chrome Google's superfast browser for Mac.