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Now that the script works we need to create and installer for it that can be deployed using Apple Remote Desktop or by hand.

macOS Sierra: Customize the Finder toolbar and sidebar

Now that the script is working, it's just a matter of creating a package with two files. Create a package using your favorite package maker I use Iceberg containing the following two files. Be sure the package requires admin authentication before building it. Once these two files are in a package they can be easily deployed through Apple Remote Desktop or can be run as a standalone installer.

I just wanted to briefly explain what the script actually does. First, it pulls the current user's username using the Awk command. Next it pulls just the sharename from the path and replaces all of the forward slashes with backslashes so the mac understands it. Finally it opens a finder window to the user's home folder and through command line presseds Command-T which adds the current folder to the sidebar, then it removes the text file.

Caveats: 1. This will only work if the user's home folder matches their username typical in most environments 2. If your home folders are several levels deep, it will not pull the correct value.

Script to edit Finder Favorites to Include AD Network Folder | Discussion | Jamf Nation

In other words We also have those extra sub-folders and levels. I've modified the script to accomodate that. Thank you Axeman It lists "Devices" and "Shared" Which is the crux of my problem. Apr 21, PM. There you can make iCloud visible under your favorites, and shared folders as well.

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Just make sure you check the boxes of all the options you want available at the sidebar. I hope that helps!

Step 1: Create the script

Apr 21, PM in response to fab. Thank you for your reply, Fab. I've already done what you describe here. ALL those things are there Sorry, I failed to realise you've described that in your first post. Is it happening on every application like Microsoft Office, Adobe, and Apple applications like preview? Did it start happening after an OS upgrade or just out of the blue? Does it happen in other user accounts as well? Dragging a folder does not require the use of the Command key.

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Although this isn't commonly known, the sidebar can hold more than just files and folders; it can also hold the applications you use most often. Follow the same steps as adding a file or folder, but select an application instead of a file or folder. To make matters even more interesting, depending on the version of the Mac OS you are using, you may need to set the Finders view setting to List before you can drag an app to the sidebar.

You can rearrange most items in the sidebar as you see fit.

How to Add Missing Folders to Finder Sidebar

Simply click and drag a sidebar item to its new target location. The other items rearrange themselves to make room for the item being moved. Like the desktop, the sidebar can become cluttered. You can remove a file, folder, or application you added by clicking and dragging its icon out of the sidebar.

It disappears in a puff of smoke. Don't worry, though; the item itself is still safe in its original location.