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Excel also makes charting easier by analyzing your data and letting you select a recommended chart from a convenient drop-down menu. Excel helps you pick the right chart by analyzing your data and presenting a list of charts you can use to visualize that data. About all you can do is hand-edit a recorded macro.

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In short, if you need macros, stick to Excel After the great progress made with macros in the release, this is a real letdown. In older Excel versions, you could easily customize which commands show on which menus, and even create entirely new menus containing just the commands you specify. A related issue is that some familiar—and useful—shortcuts are now changed or gone. Control-I and Control-K used to insert and delete rows or columns; now you must use three fingers Shift-Command-Equals to add a row, and Command-Minus to remove a row.

You also used to be able to Option-click a row or column to quickly add a new blank row or column; this no longer works. The new interface is pleasant, the cross-platform features are a welcome addition, the performance is very good, and the Mac-specific features make Excel feel as native as any other Mac app.

If you're an Excel user who doesn't rely on macros, and doesn't need to customize your menus and commands, Excel has a lot going for it. He's now master of ceremonies at Many Tricks Software.

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    creating a table in excel for mac 2008 (not a pivot table)

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    Designing a Book Cover with Nigel French. Search This Course Clear Search. Welcome 50s. Using the exercise files 42s. Creating and Pivoting PivotTable Reports. Introducing PivotTable reports 2m 38s. Formatting data for use in a PivotTable report 3m 27s. Creating a PivotTable report 2m 31s.

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    • Pivoting a PivotTable report 2m 13s. Importing data from an external source 3m 42s. Consolidating data from multiple sources 3m 53s. Updating and refreshing data sources 2m 33s. Managing PivotTable reports 2m 39s. Summarizing PivotTable Data. It used to be that Mac OS crashed regularly, so we were not surprised when Word crashed. In fact, Office is the only software that crashes regularly and it crashes as frequently as it always has.

      It seems to crash more, but I suspect that is because the rest of the system is so stable that I have come to expect better. The argument could be made that there is something about my system that causes Office to crash; I have two responses to that point. First, why is Office so much more sensitive to whatever is causing the crashes that it crashes multiple times in a day when other applications will run for months without crashing? Second, the crashing I have observed is over years of use, several versions of Office, several versions of the OS, the addition and removal of many other software components, and many clean installations of the entire operating system.

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      The one consistent factor is that Office crashes. As an aside, there is no reason to believe that we can't have a standard format and a wide range of features without all the problems. Consider, for example, TeX and LaTeX, a system that is about twice as old as Office, offers better features, and is as stable as any application on my system. I use LaTeX fairly regularly and like it very much. The only factor stopping me from using it exclusively is that there are relatively few users of LaTeX, so the call for editors who know LaTeX is limited. Of course one feature of Office that is very helpful in my business is that the system is so complex and obscure that very few of the people using it really have a clue of how to do things with it.

      Also, how many languages does Office work on?

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