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Ich werde das mal bei Gelegenheit testen, Feedback geben und auch einen kleinen Artikel bei 4pple. Also gut, ein erstes Feedback. Es handelt sich um Ubuntu Intel HD. Sorry, iMac 7. Rosi-janni Rheinischer Winterrambour.

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Hallo Rastafari! Auch habe ich die korrekte ISO drauf gepackt. Wenn ich ihm dann sage: linux loadbios, sagt er: no such disk. Wie kommt's? Beide mit Master Boot Record! Mit rEFIt ja, aber eben obengenanntes Vorkommnis. Das gleiche Problem wie bei mir. Information This installer has been approved by the team.

Install this program. ElsterFormular is the official german software to file a tax return. Information This update has been approved by the team.

Warum ich als Mac-User neidisch zu Windows 10 rüberschiele 😏

Try this update. Message Since most of the people who need ElsterFormular are probably Germans, i continue in German language Eine 32bit XUbuntu Darum SO: 'Installiere ein Programm', ' Danke, vanGoose, mit deiner Anleitung hat es funktioniert. Warning This update has not been approved yet by the team. Use it at your own risk. As a workaround you can do the following: Go to the PlayOnLinux configuration window, select the ElsterFormular virtual drive, and use the Open a shell button.

Just follow the instructions. Message HI, I clicked on "Install the programm", a window appears, asking if I really agree to open the program with playonmac and I click on "agree" but nothing happens. Message Hi Try to install Elsterformular Any solution or easy idea?? Hi, please use the version "Wednesday 31 May at " from this thread.

The play on linux team is busy making the next major release. They didn't update the script.

Mac: Bootfähige Laufwerke erzeugen [Erklärt]

Message The playonlinux team is currently busy making version 5. They didn't approve the new script, yet : You can save my latest suggestion in a ". Message Version Message Thanks for the script. It works fine for me. System: LUbuntu Here we go. I've added a notice window with some info about the current bug.

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Message Thanks for your feedback. I'm working on an update for the script.

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Message No chance to install Install PlayOnLinux 4. Install ElsterFormular Konfigure Wine 2. Message I had the same problem and by chance found the following workaround: Start playonlinux Goto "Configuration" Goto tab "Wine" and select "Control Panel" In the new window select "Software" In the upper right corner click on "Install Message I was not able to automatically update the playonlinux installation of version Message Unfortunatly it does not work for me, too.

Message I must confirm the failure.

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If any logs or whatever are needed, please tell me what I can deliver to help. Message I don't get it installed. Message I tried to install the current version of ElsterFormular without script, just using the installer. Linux Mint 18 Sarah Xfce wine Is vcrun no longer needed?

Message There are two problems: 1. Tested on Ubuntu Thank you. Use native PDF viewer. Message Sorry. Is there any idea how pdf print will work?


How to install within Elsterformular printing? Greetings JB. I am using OSX Maverick, the installer above. How could I install CUP within this installation? They are generated, but not displayed an error message shows up instead. The update seems to work! Good to know there is such a function.. Hi there, I tried the update, it works perfect for the preview print: it opens a new i think native preview within OSX. I hope I can help with testing ;.

Printing the transfer protocol does not work, the button "letter to tax auth. Hey guys, I think I got the solution: You don't need to install anything. Install this program Informations Platforms: Downloads: Wine: 3. Source code!