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Identify and Eliminate Passive Voice in Microsoft Word

Further, each lesson comes with an adjoining Activity Sheet that can be assigned as homework, which provides relevant practice on the forms and functions covered in each lesson. The following are summaries of what you can expect to find in our passive voice series: 1.

Enabling Passive Voice Check in Word 2013 for PC

Versus It was completed by Sally yesterday. The passive to describe a process: a The cows are milked. B The raw milk is stored in a tank.

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C The raw milk is transported to a factory. Lesson 8 PC1. In these two lessons, we cover some constructions that are passive in meaning only. Versus Tony got Sarah fired. We hope you enjoy the Passive Construction category! And remember, if you are a subscriber to our site, you can contact James for a free one-to-one videoconference about How to Teach Passives. And as always, we welcome your feedback.

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