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Same for when I open the file in Preview. The signature only shows up in Acrobat. Can anyone help explain what I am doing wrong? The problem is Preview and I assume you are referring to the application that comes on the Mac doesn't know how to process the signature, so it doesn't display it. However, if your clients use the free Adobe Reader they will see the certifying signature.

If you need them to fill out the form, be sure to Reader Enable the file before you send it to them. It won't appear unsigned if you are using either Acrobat of the free Adobe Reader. There is no way that Adobe can make non-Adobe applications e. Apple's Preview process digital signatures. One of the complaints we often hear is the size of the Reader download, but if you are using a slimmed down version of a PDF viewer it's going to certain lack functionality and signature processing will almost certainly be one of those items.

If you put Acrobat or Reader on the computer then the signed PDF files will display correctly in both the browser and the stand-alone apps. If you're using third party software, then it's out of our hands. As an aside, if you do convert your signed documents into image files, there won't be any signature. Signatures only work in conjunction with signature form fields and an image file does not contain a form field. It's all one flattened picture.

I'm having the same problem. A new employer sent me some documents as PDFs to sign, so I created and added a signature from an EPS file of my signature made on a tablet. After much swearing about the invisibility of the signature in the saved document, I realized that Preview was the problem, so I went to Acrobat's File menu looking for a way to "flatten" or otherwise export the document as a "regular" PDF with the signature in place as a plain image rather than some special field.

Where is that option? It's a simple solution that would render the document legible in even dumbed-down viewers. I'm not going to risk looking like a tool sending them all these documents apparently unsigned, or presuming to tell them what software they need to install on all their machines. The result is that I now have to send them giant bitmaps of the pages, defeating the purpose of PDFs and rendering Acrobat more of an impediment than a help.

We are talking about two separate items.

Why doesn't macOS Preview show the signature in the form? | Help Center

You are talking about adding a captured image of your wet ink signature signature as a picture to the PDF file. That operation is not a digital signture. If you are using Acrobat to add the image to the PDF and Apple's Preview isn't displaying the image correctly there is nothing Adobe can do. We don't have any control over how Preview displays a file. The problem isn't Acrobat, the problem is the incomplete implementation of pdf readers by other companies.

That is Adobe's problem how? That is the equivalent of complaining to Microsoft and Apple because people using Pine cannot see the formatting of your formatted email.

As a side note, the Forums' attach file feature isn't available so I inserted an image of the signed PDF file. I know this doesn't let you see that it's a signed PDF and hope you will take my word for it. Not when the "wet ink" image doesn't downgrade gracefully in simple PDF viewers. In a great many cases, the parties involved don't care whether the "signature" is cryptographically secure.

How to Insert a Signature in Preview

They just want a document that looks signed, as if you'd faxed it to them. I can't just add my signature image as a TIFF or EPS, because the forms don't allow that type of editing which is dumb, because you can change the text with the "text touch-up" tool. I signed a Blank piece of paper and using SilverFast Scanner software I was able to scan it at dpi. Thanks for the example. Camera really messes up legibility. Not so. The solution if you're adding a signature image and not a digital signature is a whole lot easier than you're asking for -- and it's already in there:.

Browse to and select the image of your signature that you'd like to use and click OK. Select or create a new category like Signatures , give the stamp a name, and I'd recommend uncheck Down sample stamp to reduce file size. Click OK. I don't know why you are complaining about what other applications cannot do on an Acrobat forum.

Acrobat and Reader process the custom signature appearance just fine and you can even print the file and get the signature to display on the prited page. If you are not happy with what Preview does or doesn't do it would behoove you to take it up with Apple. Meanwhile, the free Adobe Reader will handle the custom signature appearance, and if you can get someone to convert a scanned signature to PDF that's one thing Reader won't do you can even use Reader to sign with a custom appearance provided the PDF file is Reader Enabled. There's no complaint in my response to you about Preview or any other application.

My response merely pointed out that the wet ink version does not appear in applications outside of Adobe's.

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If that's not what you meant, then it's my mistake -- and others will make it, too. If they can get by with using a custom stamp then that's fine by me, but that wasn't the thread topic.

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There is no licensing involved here. When it comes to the actual cryptographic operations we license the software from RSA. As far as how the signature is created, and how it should be processed, that's all covered by public facing documentation. In fact, Apple is more than capable of processing signatures using their Keychain utility, it's just that they have elected not to include that functionality into Preview.

It's not my job to monitor the forum. I chime in on digital signature issues because it's a complex subject and there are so few people who understand the minutia of how they work. It just doesn't display in the free Mac Preview app. There are other third party signature handlers that will process and display a digital signature in a PDF file, but there are not a lot of them in free PDF viewers.

Thanks for that info. However, you then have to add two things if you want to really sign your document. The point is that "real" signatures should downgrade gracefully in simple PDF viewers. In other apps from Adobe and other vendors that step is usually called "flatten. Are electronic signatures valid and legal around the world? Are they more preferable to the inked handwritten signature in a paperless world?

My email signature keeps disappearing from Mac Mail

We look at what the law says globally. Read More , electronic signatures are an easy way to add your signature to any documents in PDF format. For a more accurate looking signature, you might consider using a stylus. You can only have one signature saved at a time.

Signing the Document

Click the grey X next to your saved signature to remove it. Now that you have your signature saved, open up the PDF you want to sign. Your email address will not be published. Damned, how cool is this? Never saw this lovely feature, instead I scanned or shots iphone photo, photoshopped it and and and..