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PDA used a principles-focused evaluation framework to guide our evaluation of a statewide initiative to prevent chronic disease. PDA's software development team built and manages a web-based application for Florida's multi-site tobacco cessation program. Using responsive evaluation to provide a coalition with actionable insights.

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Customizing Excel charts: add chart title, axes, legend, data labels and more

PDA is passionate about survey methodology, constantly learning and applying new methods to yield the most accurate survey results. PDA used cognitive interviews to assess the functionality of survey items related to second-hand smoke exposure. Contributing to education research through survey and statistical support. PDA supported geoscience education researchers by administering a survey to over 10, instructors and providing survey design and statistical support.

PDA conducted a quantitative analysis of clinical trial data to assess the efficacy of two medications when the first treatment failed. Facilitating learning for a health equity-focused community grant program. PDA's evaluation helped the Hawai'i Community Foundation share successes and opportunities in serving priority populations. PDA analyzed medical chart review data for family medicine clinicians to assess delivery and birth outcomes in rural Minnesota.

PDA's evaluation helped health systems describe facilitators and challenges in identifying tobacco users and connecting them to treatment. Could you please explain how to do it? First you have to assign one or more series to the secondary axis select the series, press Ctrl-1 to format it, and make your selection. Excel will now draw a secondary Y axis for these series. No the problem is how to get 0 as the baseline for both axis. This is difficult for me that is when the values are sometimes negative on the second axis.

I have tried to show it in the first image. Would that be possible to do?

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I have a similar modification I want for an axis label. I want to change the font for one character in one of the labels. I can change the font for the whole label, but not for a specific character within the label. Any suggestion? Now a dropdown appears, labeled Subset, above the top right corner of the grid of symbols.

Any idea how I can have point than 12 cells in my data range for the horizontal axis labels? I have selected 13 cells but only 12 show…. Thanks for another great tutorial, Jon. My problem is that the data labels on the new dummy series are very long e. Originally, when the labels were on the primary axis, I could resize the plot area and the space for the labels would eventually widen so it was sufficient. Any suggestions? Geoff — The axis labels created using this approach are not actually axis tick labels.

They are data labels on hidden data points.

How To... Add and Change Chart Titles in Excel 2010

These are never shortened with ellipses, but instead show their full text, wrapped wherever Excel wants to wrap them. Fortunately Excel lets you resize these data labels by selecting each one individually and dragging the corners, at least since about Excel or maybe Thanks Jon. Looks like it might be time for an upgrade…. I had searched all day on the Internet to do this, and only your instructions gave me what I wanted. Thank you so much!!! How do you change the chart type of the added column series to a line chart without changing the whole thing? Select the individual series first.

Right click on that series, and choose Change Series Chart Type from the pop up menu. Whenever or wherever I click all the text in the axis is highlighted. Could it be because I have the chart set up to reference some cells in excel? Have you selected the axis labels and not the data labels for the new series?

You should format the axis so it does not have any labels. Otherwise the labels are actually drawn in front of the data labels for the added series. Once you hide the axis labels, you can select the series data labels, and then you can select the individual data labels. This can be done indirectly, by hiding the default labels and adding a hidden series with data labels.

These data labels can be individually formatted, which axis labels cannot. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Format the category axis horizontal axis so it has no labels. Add data labels to the the dummy series. Use the Below position and Category Names option. Format the dummy series so it has no marker and no line.

Delete the secondary horizontal axis and the secondary vertical axis if you had to reverse it. Format the category axis vertical axis to have no labels.

Formatting Chart Axes (Mac) | ERC

Comments Hi Jon, First of all thanks for all your good postings. I use them often in min day to day work. Thanks Jon! Hi Jon, Thanks you for your response! Second question, the chart you did above, do you have any instructions on how to make one? Again, thanks! You are a rock to the Excel community! Hi Jon!

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How is the tutorial coming on? Great to hear Jon! Again, thanks for your good support and site! Hello, Please let me knwo whether i can combine both Primary Axis and Secondary axis would bar graph, and show two diffrent values in bar graph it self. Hello, I have a question regarding graphs. I have the below table which i would like to present in a graph: Aug Aug 37 Aug Aug 85 Aug Sept 97 the first three numbers , and are related to the first three dates Aug, Aug and Aug , all other numbers are related to the other dates Aug, Aug and Sept Ruud — Put all of the dates in the first column, and the values in the applicable rows, then make your chart.

Hi, I have a question, where my data table has zeros and I do not want the axis to show their lables. Regards, Calvin. Thanks for your help! Regards, Chris. Angel — If you got zeros, it probably means the label option is to show values, which is the default.

Hi John, Hope all is well! Thanks Kalle.

Kalle — Are you asking how to get secondary axes in your chart? Hi John.