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JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Previous Next Sort by votes. Nemozzz Honorable. Jan 19, 88 0 10, 0. Hello, I would like to dual boot windows 7 and mac os x mavericks. However i dont know how to do it. I already have windows 7 home premium 64 bit installed and if possible would like to keep my data.

Here are my system specs: Intel core i5 3. Any help is appreciated! You might have to explain in very simple terms, i am new to this! May 10, 1 0 4, 1. This is a PC that you have, right? Mac is only supposed to run on Mac hardware. Check out all the resources at the osx86 page link below , and try working with the community there, which is focused exactly on this kind of thing. You must log in or register to reply here.

Post thread. Started by keppy Today at AM Replies: Started by shane Today at AM Replies: 6. Wireless Networking. Latest posts S. When I attempted to boot the external drive connected to my MacBook Pro for the first time I got to a blue screen that said "mode exception not handled.

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You need to restart your computer. I'm afraid I don't know how to help you with this one. You Mac doesn't have a bios, for one thing, just firmware, so you can't configure it. I'm not sure what I'd try next in your case, sorry about that. Actually, the problem resolved itself when I plugged in the power cord to the MacBook Pro.

Another minor problem has arisen, though. I cannot get audio under windows I ran into a common problem when installing the BC Windows drivers and that is install freezes when it gets to Realtek audio. I shut off the computer and restarted the Windows side and everything works fine except no audio.

Any thoughts? I am getting a new macbook pro soon, I am currently running parallels and want to know a better way to run my windows on my mac. Help I'm so tired of freezing and talking to support. If virtualization isn't good enough for you, try Boot Camp. It's the best Windows experience you can get on a Mac, but it does require you to reboot to access it. I got all the way to the windows desktop and am installing the drivers. Which drivers do I install. I am unable to install bootcamp because windows says it is a Mac application.

Help please! So close yet so far. The only problem is that after I format the memory card as instructed under GPT, go in WinToUsb, select windows and select the memory card, WinToUsb automatically reformats my memory card when there is no need for it. I think WinToUsb does not reformat hard drives, only memory card and flash drives. What do you mean by SSD, is it an internal one?

If that's the case just dual boot I'd say.

How to Dual Boot Mac OS X and Windows 7 – A Complete Walkthrough

If you have a flash drive handy to test, you could see if that works the way you'd like it to. Only one way to find out. I'm sorry to say I haven't kept up with all the updates It works. So there is not any need to pre-format the drive. WinToUSB does everything.

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I suppose the idea is that you can have the same portable Windows on any machine. However, the performance on a memory stick is not great and I suppose it is the same on a flash drive. External SSD is the way to go. What about the performance levels? I'm attempting the external drive method and am having some significant difficulty with the bootcamp drivers. I have downloaded the files, put them on a drive and it didnt seem to work.

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Any suggestions? Can somebody tell me something about the performance? I would like to use an SSD with a 3. Performance using VirtualBox is about as good as a virtual machine can be expected to be, and will really depend on how good your CPU is and how much RAM you have. So I tried installing windows 7 on an external drive following your instructions and came across a problem.

When I try to boot EFI boot, the computer just freezes.

dual boot - How to install Windows 10 and OS X on a laptop pre-installed with Ubuntu? - Ask Ubuntu

Am I doing something wrong? To be honest the process can be finicky, you have to make sure the instructions above are followed precisely and even then some drives flat out don't work. I haven't found a pattern yet. I finally managed to install Windows 10 using this method. I wanted to install 7 as I hate Win10 but it just froze every time I tried. Hey, I'm trying to do the external hard drive method. Does this mean that the drive is already in that format, or does it mean that it's not going to work for this method?

Hi Vignesh I had the same problem you just need to delete all partitions on the drive to ungary the option. I had the same issue, you select your Disk Management, right click the blue bar section of your drive and select Delete Volume. Also you need to create a simple volume for the new partition and don't format so that it ask you after you add the partition to than format the drive and you get the FAT32 option then.

I need windows seven for my games but if it only works with 8 i will need to download it and try it out. Thanks in advance. Do you recommend Windows 8 instead? I have attempted once and it didn't work, maybe Windows 8 will work. Btw, Will Windows 8. Thank you Justin. I recommend using whatever you're comfortable with, and know that you can upgrade to Windows 10 from either if you'd like.

I tried SO many times to install a bootable win external drive as you suggest, but I never got it working. I've got an old unibody macbook. Then choose the external drive for booting, its led flashed for a couple of minutes, then nothing. All blocked at the very first point where I was still looking at the the two bootable drives on the screen.

Am I missing anything? I tried with many windows iso images, but nothing changed. Any suggestion for some other attempt? Are you trying to make a bootable installation drive, or a live, bootable Windows environment? The instructions below should work on your Mac for a live environment, if you want to install from USB things get a little more complicated but I've managed.

Absolutely a live and bootable Windows environment, that's what I'm looking for. I wonder if it's something about my "obsolete" hardware actually working very fine with Mavericks or about the USB drive I'm using. Hmm, well one thing you could try is testing the live environment you made on another Mac, possibly one owned by a friend. If it works then you know the problem is with the computer, and not the drive you made. RAM is crucial for virtual machines. I cannot tell you how much a recent upgrade to my Mac improved performance.

Loving virtual box on an SSD. Did anyone succeed in making win xp share folder on mavericks or yosemite with Virtualbox? Kind of crucial to get stuff in and out of Windows. I got it working with very little trouble, once the guest tools are installed. What problems are you running into? Thank you, Mr Pot.

Yes, mea culpa. Works like a charm, and very fast to it seems. I mentioned it, but the consensus out there seems to be that Parallels is better and I didn't want to clutter the article with yet another section. I agree with Justin, as a user of both, Parallels is a product designed for the Mac, has frequent updates, and is very stable. With those qualifications alone, it is a superior product to VMWare on the Mac.

I have both and I think VMWare is just as fast. Most important: VMWare gives you three licenses if you have multiple Macs , while Parallels only gives you one. Yeah, police coming and shutting you down is pretty unlikely. But if you consider an update breaking your computer to be a punishment, then they'll probably get you.

How do I fix that problem? I've heard about this, and it's nasty. I can't really find a decent fix, I'm sorry to say, you might need to reinstall Windows.

I've had great luck with Wineskin, myself. It takes a little work to set up but it's a lot faster if you can get it working. That is more interesting! Installato maverick on a PC windows costing a fifth of a mac!

1. Dual Boot Windows On Your Mac, Using Your Mac’s Hard Drive

If it was possibile with virtualbox, since now OS X is free of charge! Just to be clear. Since Windows is designed to run on whatever hardware is available, as there is no single or preferred manufacturer, you can put it pretty much anywhere. OSX, on the other hand, is designed to run on custom hardware designed by the same people that made the OS.. Here's a simple to follow YouTube video on how to do it. Forgive my autocorrect on the first line. I'm not sure how I got "certainly possibly even" out of what I typed, but oh well.

That's a lot more complicated, as you need to ensure every component of your PC is Mac-compatable. It's possible, but in most PCs there are a couple of parts that will need replacing. We haven't written a guide for this in a long time, but here's one I edited a few years ago:.

Dual Boot UEFI Windows 8.1 ve Mavericks 10.9.2 Rehberi

Top Deals. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. Enjoyed this article? Stay informed by joining our newsletter! Enter your Email. Read our privacy policy. I'm trying to install Windows 8. MacBook Pro Dear WEB, Thank you for the instructions. Thanks for posting this. I am using a Lexar Professional Memory Card for this process as it is incredibly fast.

I'm not sure how to prevent that, weird I understand now. This is really good to know! Thanks for getting back to us. No, it's not even close. Internal is going to be better every time. Have you executed the setup pkg that you put on the drive?