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Switching instruments mid-song, you never know who is going to sing or play what next. Join Elder Grown and journey into the unrecognizable familiar.

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The band. The singles play up the modern dance-pop vibes of Bruno Mars and Charlie Puth — while channeling the swag, grit and soulful sounds of 70s bands like The Rolling Stones and Sly and the Family Stone. Thirty years ago, Kyle Hollingsworth set out on a career in music. Since then, with a wealth of desire and an abundance of ability, Hollingsworth has established himself as a formidable and versatile music talent, with the ability to contribute, collaborate, compose, and communicate on a number of levels and within a vast spectrum of musical environments.

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Today, as a member of acclaimed jam masters The String Cheese Incident, Hollingsworth is revered by both peers and fans for his ability to write and perform in a mosaic of styles, from rock to classical, ragtime to bebop. Playing in SCI has allowed him unrestricted access to the world of music, and has bestowed on him the kind of fearlessness a composer needs to flirt with such disparate genres.

I can get on board with something pretty quickly. You have to. While his versatility and quick-study nature have become his signature skills with SCI, they have also proved tremendously helpful on stage during collaborations with a bunch of major acts, including Paul Simon, Bruce Hornsby, Bob Weir, Little Feat, and banjo master Bela Fleck. In the summer of he spent the summer touring with the Mickey Hart Band. This group featured Mickey Hart,George Porter,steve kimock and many others.

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In another amazing highlight, Kyle also toured with Mike Clark in a band that starred nearly all the original Head Hunters. These gigs prove that Hollingsworth is as unafraid to step out of the limelight as he is to step into it. Seasoned musicians can be tasty and laid back, too!

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Never or Odd or Even was the recording Hollingsworth had always wanted to make since he was a kid. The bands free spirited personalities are inspired from the mountain town lifestyles in which they live. The bands fresh approach to old time tunes and modern jam band music captures the hearts of new fans everywhere they go. Dirt stomping and catchy lyrics are the heart beat of Shaky Hand String Band. Bluegrass has become a mainstay in Colorado.

The music of the mountains speaks to us and we can feel it in our souls. When a band like Wood Belly comes along to channel it, the sky is the limit. Led by a pair of prolific songwriters, their songs are carefully and collectively crafted to ring out with honesty and passion. Since then the band has played at an ever-expanding list of great venues including the Mishawaka amphitheater, the Fox Theater Boulder , and Cervantes Denver. Featuring soulful, often harmonic vocals and solid strings and rhythm, this tight-knit crew was born out of the belly of a warm cabin after a long day on the slopes- drinking whiskey and singing into the night.

With a high energy sound and a love for silly outfits, they travel the land spreading the gospel of whiskey, chickens, and fun for everyone. The String Cheese Incident took a break starting in the summer of , but the band got back together in Larry Keel is described by music critics and reviewers as the most powerful, innovative and all-out exhilarating acoustic flatpicking guitarist performing today.

Keel has absorbed the best lessons from his Bluegrass family upbringing, both sides deeply steeped in the rich mountain music culture and heritage of Southwest Virginia.

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From there, he has always integrated that solid musical grounding and natural-born talent with his own incomparable approach to playing amplified, acoustic guitar and composing original music. Throughout his career, Keel has released 15 albums and is featured on 10 others. He can do it all. I love jamming with Keel.

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Add to My Playlist Watch Later. Subscribe Subscribed Not the first one in the intro, the one that comes in around 8 bars in. Fluffy :3 2 years ago. Kid no way, when you meet me, bitch stand up straight Pump out raps, yeah I got raps, tryna talk shit what you think about that? For the pesos, getting bank rolls, I'mma lay low chill, 'til I let that stack [Bridge] Yeah, people lie, numbers won't Keep me high, drugs is close Roll one up, pour a cup Watch the world go up in smoke [Hook] I like my music real loud, real loud Can you turn that shit up for me right now, right now Here it come, there it go, ask your homies, ask your hoes If you didn't, now you know,never keep your pockets low I like my music real loud, real loud Can you turn that shit up for me right now, right now Here she comes, there she goes, never chasing after hoes If you didn't, now you know, never keep your pockets low.

To celebrate his Lollapalooza set and overall greatness, here are Mac Miller's hottest tracks.

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In , a band called the Box Tops scored a number-one hit with their song "The Letter. As the years passed, Chilton went down in alternative history because of his role in the seminal group Big Star, as well as his role in inspiring the very good Replacements song "Alex Chilton. Though the Pittsburgh MC and producer got his start making poppy, fratty anthems such as "Knock Knock" and "Donald Trump," the enthusiastic alt-rap polymath has worked to lose the pop style and position himself as a vital figure in the world of sonically complex, alt-leaning hip-hop.

In addition to releasing stellar solo work — his record "Watching Movies with the Sound Off" is a minor psych-hop classic — Miller has become a critical figure in the Los Angeles hip-hop scene. He honed his happy-go-lucky rhyme style into sharp-edged free-association, holding his own with close collaborators like Earl Sweatshirt and Ab-Soul. Miller is both wildly prolific and almost absurdly eclectic — in alone, he released music with everyone from Ariana Grande to Project Pat to Camp Lo to Flying Lotus to Lil B, which should be some sort of record.

With each new album, every unexpected collaboration and one staunchly anti-commercial move after another, Miller has carved out a unique space for himself within hip-hop as the teen star turned tastemaker.