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You can set them via the command line using chmod or use a GUI such as Sandbox. The temp files would build up from Word and Excel and cause lots of headaches. This will happen every time a user goes to doubleclick one of their files to look at it like the aforementioned, checking to see if they turned it in and also every time they don't name it correctly and want to rename.

The users did lose the ability to see what they'd already turned in, but, hey, no plan is perfect. Second time I've come across this question, and didn't see what I assumed might be a good answer for you, so lemme toss this out:.

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How about an ftp site, benefit of being OS independent, can be internal, etc. Keep in mind this is from a nix standpoint so I'm not sure how well it will apply to OSX. One way that I did it for a client is I used incron to immediately move any files places in their "Hand In" folder to another folder where the "teacher" could do what they want to with it. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Write-only access that can see the files present? Ask Question. Clinton Blackmore.

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Clinton Blackmore Clinton Blackmore 2, 6 6 gold badges 31 31 silver badges 58 58 bronze badges. To clarify, this is using Mac OS X? Yes, the specific question involves permissions on OS X Server I have edited the question to add a 'macosx' tag to it. I'd forgotten that permissions now applied to windows, and thought that there is an outside chance that posix permissions can get me what I want.

Thank you.

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I'll have to do some testing. Mac OS X I think the ACL setup is unique to the Mac, but probably not dissimilar to that used on other systems. I know that you can apply the Posix permissions to OSX, what I don't know what Apple has added on top of those Posix permissions, and how messing around with the permissions using chmod affects those add-ons.

Chealion Chealion 5, 24 24 silver badges 29 29 bronze badges. That is very much in line with what I'd had in mind. It would be a plus if they could only list their files. Thanks for the link to Sandbox; I'd never heard of it. I'm assuming this is windows, right? Second time I've come across this question, and didn't see what I assumed might be a good answer for you, so lemme toss this out: How about an ftp site, benefit of being OS independent, can be internal, etc.

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If I used FTP, they could have write-only access and see the file names? If so, am I still using the permissions on the underlying filesystem, or is it something I set up within the FTP server's configuration? Re: your question about filesystem perms; via filesystem.. If I'm reading it correctly, the blind-drop appears to be what I have now -- you can put files on the server but not list what is there. Well, I think that your answer does lay within setting up an ftp site, but again, never done it exactly like you're describing.

I have a couple of users the only InDesign users, as far as I know who keep stumbling on the same problem: whenever one of them opens an InDesign book on the server, its assets become read only and the other user cannot modify the file. We updated the server to Snow Leopard clean install without luck.

Revert to It is one of the many mistakes Apple has made for graphic arts files serving in the course of their server operating system, possibly the worst of the bunch. I know the metadata server in Nothing like having a dual xeon peg out because of an ten year old illustrator file.

Folder Permission Issues on Mac Server

The thing is, the problem started when the server was running However I'd be interested to know more about it. Could you point me towards threads that discussed the matter in the past? Well, in a desperate attempt to fix the issue I had the InDesign users opening the their files via Bridge. Guess what? No more permissions problems Apple advertises permission inheritance without actually saying it is deprecated and now gone bottom right.

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At the core of it I believe ACL's are to blame and it doesn't appear to be getting better. I'm glad the Bridge solution worked for you. I wouldn't be able to get other to use Bridge, let alone myself. Not a big Bridge fan at all. We initially thought ACLs were the culprit as well, but removing them completely in